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Enjoy specials of At the Green Grape, historic hotel in Mala Strana

Pay Now <br>save up to 15%

Pay Now
save up to 15%

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Pay now and stay in one of the stylish furnished rooms with up to 15% discount. Stay for 1 - 2 nights, discount 5% Stay for 3 nights, discount 10% Stay for 4 nights and more, discount 15% The total price of the reservation is charged on the day of booking and is non-refundable.

Massages At The Green Grape from 1.9.2018

Massages At The Green Grape from 1.9.2018

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We would like to make your stay at our Green Grape hotel even more pleasant, so you can find a great professional massage services designed to each of you. Give your body and mind a break and stay at our oasis of calm and relaxation.

Price from550Kč
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